Double Oak University

Following Wednesday night dinner, we offer discipleship classes for adults called Double Oak University (DOU). We will offer these classes in a Fall term and a Winter/Spring term each year. Our PreschoolChildren’s, and Student Ministry also offer specific studies during our Wednesday night classes, allowing them to form a deeper connection with each other and God. Wednesday night’s at Double Oak offers something for everyone in your family! 


DOU is designed to equip you to grow and mature in your faith. We offer all kind of classes to help you grow in various areas of your life from theology to parenting. While it is good to offer a variety of classes, we also want to hone in on some key areas of equipping the people of Double Oak as it relates to who we are as a church. 


These classes are called CORE Classes. The CORE Classes will equip our people in the values of our church: Maturity, Community, and Charity. These classes will be highly recommended if you have never taken them. DOU will continue to offer other classes each term. These classes are still very valuable to your growth in Christian maturity. We will be committed to having classes that speak to marriage, parenting, more in depth biblical issues, specific books of the bible, as well as many other topics.  We want to be able to say at Double Oak, what Paul says in Colossians 1:28, that we may be able to present everyone mature in Christ. 

CORE (C) Classes will help equip the people of Double Oak in understanding and living out the values of our church.Here are the CORE (C) Classes listed below underneath the value they support:


Maturity: Christ-Centered

Biblical Overview:

New Testament

Old Testament

Doctrine & Beliefs


Community: Christ – Connected 
Spiritual Disciplines of the Faith
Discipleship in Biblical Community


Charity: Christ- Commissioned 
Discovering & Living Out Your Life’s Purpose 




The Restored Man: Becoming a Man of God
 - Randy Hemphill (C-12)

I've always loved old cars...particularly the ones that have been restored back to the original parts. As men, we're all broken and in need of repair (I know I am!). More than trying to fix us, God is inviting us into a process…a process of restoration and freedom. The Restored Man is not another book to read or religious box to check. Join me for an adventure in spiritual and emotional growth as men!    


What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage - Rachel Scardino & Katrina Sanderson (C-21)

In marriage relationships, we can find ourselves being driven off course by complacency, misunderstanding, and selfishness (to name a few). When unrealistic expectations aren't met and hope is running low, there is only One who can bring change. Join us as we explore six worthwhile commitments that can bring about the grace-filled marriage relationship that God intended. This class is for women who are married, engaged, or single who desire to be married! 


New Testament Overview- Gary & Judith Lunsford (CORE) (C-22)

New Testament Overview blends rich resource materials with interactive discussions to inspire each person to deepen his understanding of and relationship with Christ. New Christians will acquire a basic understanding of the New Testament and its place in the Bible, while seasoned Bible readers will develop a deeper understanding of how essential biblical principles relate to leading the Christian life today. The main resource material is Dr. Max Anders’ book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. 


Theology 101 - Adam Robinson & Kevin Johnson (CORE) C-25/26

A strong house can only be built on a strong foundation.  Our core beliefs form the base of all that we say and do as believers. In this leadership development class Adam Robinson and Kevin Johnson will be delving into those beliefs and how they impact our faith.  Anyone who teaches, who is interested in teaching, or who wants to grow deeper in their understanding will benefit from this class.


The Gospel According to Genesis- Calvin Kelly (C-23)

Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago; but redemption was in the heart of God from the beginning.  The book of Genesis, first book of the Bible, sets the stage for God’s injection of Himself into human history – so that He might fulfill His eternal plan of bringing men and women to Himself.  This 8-week series will highlight key historical events from the perspective that God took deliberate steps in a centuries-long process culminating with a manger, cross, and empty tomb. 


There is a Time for Everything: Navigating the Seasons of - Frank Patrick & Clay Adkisson


“For everything there is season, and a time for every matter.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Don’t you resonate with this verse? Life seems to come at us through seasons and with them comes every matter of life! The question is do we see these seasons for what they are, and do we feel equipped to navigate them? Join us as we look at themes that encapsulate our various seasons of life like times of joy and sorrow, or how to navigate the mountain tops and the valleys we all go through.