Double Oak University

Following Wednesday night dinner, we offer discipleship classes for adults called Double Oak University (DOU). We will offer these classes in a Fall term and a Winter/Spring term each year. Our Preschool, Children’s, and Student Ministry also offer specific studies during our Wednesday night classes, allowing them to form a deeper connection with each other and God. Wednesday night’s at Double Oak offers something for everyone in your family! 

DOU is designed to equip you to grow and mature in your faith. We offer all kind of classes to help you grow in various areas of your life from theology to parenting. While it is good to offer a variety of classes, we also want to hone in on some key areas of equipping the people of Double Oak as it relates to who we are as a church.  

These classes are called CORE Classes. The CORE Classes will equip our people in the values of our church: Maturity, Community, and Charity. These classes will be highly recommended if you have never taken them. DOU will continue to offer other classes each term. These classes are still very valuable to your growth in Christian maturity. We will be committed to having classes that speak to marriage, parenting, more in depth biblical issues, specific books of the bible, as well as many other topics.  We want to be able to say at Double Oak, what Paul says in Colossians 1:28, that we may be able to present everyone mature in Christ. 

CORE (C) Classes will help equip the people of Double Oak in understanding and living out the values of our church.Here are the CORE (C) Classes listed below underneath the value they support:


Maturity: Christ-Centered

Biblical Overview:

New Testament

Old Testament

Doctrine & Beliefs


Community: Christ – Connected 
Spiritual Disciplines of the Faith
Discipleship in Biblical Community


Charity: Christ- Commissioned 
Discovering & Living Out Your Life’s Purpose 


WEDNESDAYS, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

TERM ONE AUG. 21-SEPT. 25 2019

Identity Crisis: Who Am I? with Mike Mantooth • C-22

Today the topic of identity is quite slippery, especially among Americans. Most people have a hard time articulating who they are, I mean where do you start? If you had to answer the question, “Who Am I?”, could you clearly articulate your answer? This question can be intimidating and confusing, but it is terribly important for a person to know their answer. Your answer will generally dictate your beliefs, behaviors and even your priorities. Is it possible that our identity has been built on the wrong foundation? We will look at scripture to help us define three main aspects of our identity: who we were, who we are and who we are becoming. These three foundations will give us the answer to the question, “Who Am I?”.

Art Cries Out: A Study of Biblical Art with Tom Cash • C-21

For centuries, the Bible’s dramatic accounts have inspired artists to express the beauty, power and meaning of God’s Word. In this study, we will seek to discover and discuss the Scriptural inspiration behind many of the greatest works of art by some of the greatest artists of all time.

Discipleship in Community with Clay Adkisson • C-12

Discipleship is somewhat of a lost art, yet it remains a central focus for the church to go and make disciples. Every Christian is called to be a disciple that makes disciples. The best context to be and make a disciple is in community. However, do we ever stop and ask ourselves, “How am I doing at being a disciple, am I in community or am I isolated, or who am I discipling?” Join us as we answer these questions while also getting practical about being and making disciples. Please get a copy of “Gospel Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan Dodson, we will be using this book to help guide us. 

The Journey of Jonah with Frank Patrick and Richard Self • C-25/26

Many of us are familiar with the story of Jonah, we know that he is the prophet that spent time in the belly of a big fish, but is there more to the story than we remember as kids? In this class we will take a fresh look at a familiar story. 

We will examine Jonah’s life and mission, but more importantly, we will examine the compassion, character and heart of God. 

The Devotional Life: Learning to Abide Daily with Adam Robinson • C-23

Most of us realize we should be spending more time with the Lord on our own. Yet when we finally carve out some time the task can seem more complicated than it first seemed. What should I do? What should I read? How long should this last? What if nothing happens? These questions pile up, life gets busy 

and we can simply quit. This Fall Semester, we’ll be talking about how to have meaningful times of devotion with the Lord throughout the week. Also, we’ll be going through a specific devotional book together and talking about our experiences both the ups and downs. This class will extend both Fall Terms but will be designed to where you can jump in for one Term, or take both!

Heart Sing Choir with Kelly Stephenson • Worship Room

Membership in this group is open to any person who wants to sing, with no audition required. The choir will lead worship multiple times on Sunday mornings during the Fall. Rehearsals are 6:30 pm-7:45 pm Wednesday’s during DOU this fall. Childcare for birth-3 is available by reservation (



Join us for an intimate night filled with inspiring testimonies from people in our church along with special music designed specifically for this evening. 


          *How to Read the Bible with Kevin Johnson 

          How to Have a Devotional Life with Adam Robinson (Part 2)

          *Purpose over Performance with Michael Abrams 

          Marriage with Joe and Val Harvey 

          Men’s Discipleship: Biblical Manhood with Clay Adkisson & Rob Foster 

Wednesday Night Kids

On Wednesday nights, we want to help kids develop a personal relationship with God, and relationships with Christian friends.  We focus our lessons on Stewardship of our possessions, talents and abilities, and Service to our community and church.

Wednesday nights for kids in Grades K-5 this fall will meet from 6:30-7:30 PM and will involve Bible Study, Music, Scripture Memory and Bible Skills.

Kids in Kindergarten and 1st Grade will have a Bible Story, Music and Bible Game from 6:30-7:00 PM.  Then, they will join the older kids in Large Group time for Bible Skills, Scripture Memory and Music.  

Kindergarten should be dropped off in Room 205.  1st Grade should be dropped off in Room 207.  Both groups should be picked up from the Kids Worship Room at 7:30 PM.

Kids in Grades 2-5 will get to choose a Worship Team to participate with according to their interests and abilities.  They can choose either Drama Team, Praise Team, Visual Arts Team or Bible Skills Team.


Kids in Grades 2-5 should be dropped off in the Kids Worship Room no earlier than 6:20 PM.  If your child finishes dinner early, please hold them downstairs until that time.  Kids in Grades 3-5 will be released at 7:30 PM.  Younger children will be held in the Kids Worship Room for pickup.

We would love to have your child participate with us this year!