Local Mission Partners and Prayer Needs

Double Oak partners with several mission efforts near our local community. Below is a list of our partners along with various prayer needs for each ministry. Follow the links with each ministry to learn more about their activities.



The mission of Alabama Childhood Food Solutions is to develop solutions for childhood food insecurity that can be applied in a community, tested for effectiveness and duplicated in other communities. Childhood Food Insecurity is more than the here and now of being hungry—it is a set of behaviors that develop from not knowing where your next meal may come from. During the school year ACFS will provide weekend sacks of food to go home with school children on Fridays. These bags provide 2,500-3,000 calories of food. During the summer months various locations are used to distribute food.

  • Pray that enough food and resources will be accessible to provide to reach those in need.

  • Pray that God's love will shine through the helping hands being used.

  • Pray that those served by the services of ACFS will be touched by God's love and thrive.


Life Ministries exists to shepherd people in a process of discovering God's heart through teaching, writing, and spiritual direction in order to usher in freedom through Jesus Christ. For more information:www.lifeministriesnow.com

  • Pray for their efforts to shepherd men and women toward the freedom and life available in Jesus Christ through marriage retreats and conferences.

  • Pray for the transmission of their ministry thorough the written word for those who they might not otherwise meet in person.

  • Pray for their ministry to the local church and efforts to encourage and support pastors and church in safeguarding their own families.


The Food Bank offers assistance to those in need through “The Daily Bread Shop”. For more information:www.shelbybaptist.org/Ministries

  • Pray for their staff and leadership as they seek to provide for those in need of food and basic provision in Shelby county.

  • Pray that they will be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” in their efforts to provide for those who are helpless in an environment of wolves that often leads to skepticism and frustration. (Matthew 10:16)

  • Pray for abundance to be provided by believers, for volunteers to come forward & for those offerings to open the door to share the love of Christ with those in need.


God's Outreach Center provides compassionate care and practical assistance to the poor and needy. Volunteers and staff meet to supply basic needs such as food, clothing, furniture and working appliances to those in need. They also work with individuals and churches to try to help with arrangements for minor home repair projects in South Shelby County.

  • Pray for the continued ministry with the families that received help with their Christmas gifts this year. Pray that these gifts would open the door to continued ministry and sharing of the gospel.

  • Pray for Della’s well-being and health as she continues to minister to each family that comes to her attention.