Check In Procedure – Mt. Laurel Campus

Your child’s safety is a top priority at Double Oak Community Church, and for that reason we have developed a comprehensive check-in procedure for your children.  All children (Birth-5th Grade) will check in and receive a name tag.  Preschoolers (Birth-PreK) will receive an additional security tag to be used when picking up your child.  Check In Stations are located in the Preschool Lobby and at the top of the stairs on the 2nd Floor.

Visitors New to Double Oak

On the first visit, please come to the Preschool Desk beside the waterfall, and one of our greeters will help you check in your preschooler (Birth-PreK).

For children (K-5th grade), check in is on the 2nd floor and greeters will be available to help you with check in as well.

We ask that all parents’ leave their cell phones on vibrate during the Worship Service or Community Group so that we may contact you in case of emergency.

Preschool Pick-up Procedure

As a parent, you will receive a name tag for your child to wear (please place on your child’s back). You will also receive a tag for you to keep. When it is time to pick up your child you will need to give your sticker to the teacher in your child’s class. We do not allow siblings to pick up, so please make sure that an adult is sent with the pick-up tag.

We keep the doors to the Preschool Hallway locked after Drop Off and transition between services. In order to be permitted access to the Hall, you would need to check in that the Preschool Desk with your child's security tag or identification.

We appreciate your help in following these procedures so that we may provide a safe and nurturing environment for your children!