Child Development Center

They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.
— Isaiah 6:13



Our philosophy maintains that a child should have a safe and nurturing environment in which to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. We believe that preschool children learn through their five senses and that they develop their senses through hands-on activities. All activities will be developmentally appropriate.

Located at our MT Laurel Campus, the Child Development Center will provide a Christian atmosphere for the children. They will be given opportunities to become aware of God so that they can respond to Him in faith and love. This will enable them to grow as children of God, rooted in the Christian faith. Spiritual concepts will be woven throughout the day's instruction in Bible stories, songs, and scripture. It is believed that children learn through watching, hearing, and modeling; therefore, every staff member and teacher will be aware of the role they play in the Christian development of young children.

Children attend weekly music and chapel class in addition to their classroom activities. They also attend monthly story time at the Mount Laurel library.


Robin holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University. She taught kindergarten in the Homewood City School System. Before starting the program at Double Oak, Robin was a classroom teacher and assistant director in the Child Development Center at First Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL, where she is still a member.

Email Robin for more information about the CDC.


The Child Development Center is an extension of ministry to families by Double Oak Community Church. In fulfilling God's assignment to bring up and biblically educate their children, parents often call on churches and Christian schools to support them in this important work. To effectively work toward the common goal of educating young children based on God's Word, we commit to the following goals:

  • Provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment that encourages each child

  • Provide a curriculum that is Biblically based and includes Bible stories that are appropriate to the child's level of understanding

  • Provide teachers who profess Christ as Savior and exhibit Christian traits in caring for children and their families

  • Provide ministry to the families who bring their children into our program

Classes offered

17-24 Months MWF

Two Year Olds MWF

Three Year Olds MWF

Four Year Olds MWF or M-F

Transitional Kindergarten 5 Year Olds M-F

Monthly Tuition

MWF Classes: $200

M-F Classes: $280

Yearly Supply Fee: $150

There is a 10% tuition discount for each additional sibling in a family

Registration Fee: $100


Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is currently open. Please contact Robin for availability or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Complete the form below and bring to our front desk for registration: