At Double Oak, we want men to experience connectedness. As men, we tend to isolate ourselves believing the lie that we can handle life on our own. The truth is we need other men around us to encourage, help, and challenge us along the way. We were designed to be in community. This is what Jesus does in our lives. He brings us into relationship with God, but also with others. He brings us out of isolation and into community.

Our goal in men’s ministry is to connect men in community leading to discipleship relationships. We seek to do this through events, men’s bible studies, and men’s discipleship groups. For more information on a bible study or an intentional men’s discipleship group email Clay Adkisson.

Men’s DGroups

We want to meet you right where you are in your discipleship journey. There are three different kinds discipleship groups (DGroups): 6 – 8 weeks, 1 year, and 2 years.


  • The first 6-week group will meet during DOU this fall Oct. 9 – Nov. 13th on Wednesday nights 6:30 – 7:30pm. These groups are designed for guys who are looking for a short commitment (life can be busy and there are seasons where we can’t commit to a year or 2 years) while introducing you to community and accountability with other guys.


  • The 1-year groups will be going through a bible reading plan together and sharing about how God’s word is impacting their everyday lives. These groups will help you discover community, accountability, and how the bible applies to your everyday life. We are launching these types of groups year-round.


  • The 2-year groups will be going through a set curriculum called Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC). These groups will prepare you to be a disciple that makes disciples equipping you to be a leader of men. We are launching these types of groups year-round.


For more information on these groups email Clay Adkisson. Please indicate which group you are interested in learning more about.