Welcome to the Children's Ministry at Double Oak Community Church! We are here to partner with parents as you nurture the spiritual formation of your children. Our ministry consists of students grades K5 through Fifth grade. This is an exciting time in the life of your child as they learn to explore the world around them. It is a truly a time of discovery. For more information about our Children's Ministry, email Sandy Stephenson.


Our goal is to help them as they truly DISCOVER God, and what role they play in a true relationship with Him.


• I need to make the wise choice
• I can trust God no matter what
• I should treat others the way I want to be treated

We seek to do this through our Sunday Worship time, Sunday Morning Community Groups, and our Wednesday Night Events.

Throughout the year, our Children’s Ministry provides unique experiences like Vacation Bible School, an annual Children’s Musical, Winshape Camp, and Family Worship XP. These provide extra opportunities for connecting to God and each other. Email Sandy Stephenson for more information about any of these events. 

Double Oak’s "Bible Skills Project" is for kids in Grades 1-5.  It is designed to give parents tools to help their child learn how to use the Bible, and to help teach them what the Bible is all about. There are specific goals for each grade, and prizes will be given at the end of the school year to those kids who have completed their goals.  Kids will work on the goals in Community Groups, on Wednesday nights, and at home.  Goals will include learning the books of the Bible, how to locate books, chapters and verses, and learning how the Bible is organized.  The Bible is our richest treasure of all.  It is God’s instruction book for our lives.  Let’s help our kids discover how to use this great gift! Contact Sandy Stephenson for more information.