As Christ followers, it is vital to experience Jesus in community, be transformed by His Word and presence, and be used by Him to change the world around us.

Our Worship Ministry is designed to lead every person into such a life-changing encounter with God through a corporate worship experience. Combining music and media with compelling biblical teaching, we tell God’s story and invite people to respond with us. It is a gathering to adjust our perspective and recalibrate our hearts and lives, remembering who God is and who we are in light of Jesus.

All of our Sunday worship services feature a blended worship style, including elements of both traditional and contemporary music. Our worship reflects our congregation which is a blend of all generations.

The worship ministry is characterized by worship-leading teams. These teams are diverse in function and style, but share common vision and purpose. Vocal teams, band teams, and technical teams work together in each service to engage the worshiper to connect with Christ. We also have seasonal choirs and worship events which make additional opportunities to serve available. Everyone who considers Double Oak Community Church “home” is invited to explore the possibility of becoming a part of one of our teams. For additional information about serving in the worship ministry contact Kelly Stephenson or Paxton Brittle for the Mt. Laurel Campus or Hayes Parnell for the Chelsea Campus.